The Benefits of a Home Exercise Room

Benefits of a Home Exercise Room

Saving time and money

My husband and I used to both have a gym membership. Our combined monthly fee was about £50.00. Because we were spending the money I made myself go at least twice a week. My husband rarely went at all – he didn’t like the gym that was closest to home, the other closest one was about 15 minutes away, the gym was always crowded so the machines you wanted to use were almost always taken, and then there’s the “ew” factor that no matter how much the crew cleaned the equipment it always smelled gross in there. Easily we could see that my husband paying for his membership was pointless, and for me the driving time and wasted time waiting for machines was hardly worth it.

When we bought our house we decided to convert one room into an exercise room and ditch the gym memberships. We already had an elliptical machine that was given to us, and we decided to add on an exercise bike and a bio-force machine (which is basically a bowflex machine). For the 2 machines we bought it cost us about £1,400.00. We had it delivered but my husband put them together to save on that cost. So, just for those 2 machines, plus the added savings of gas for not having to drive to the gym, and the convenience factor, they paid for themselves within a couple of years.

Dumbbells in a home exercise room

There are other benefits to having your own exercise room. One is being able to wander in there whenever you have time, any time day or night. The only “competition” for the sport equipment is your spouse, and to us there’s no real competition for us because we like to exercise on our own at different times of the day. We have a fan in there, and can open a window for more fresh air, and listen to whatever music we want without having to bring in a headphone. We have towels in the cupboard right in the hallway and fresh water in the kitchen. And then there’s the privacy. But If you like to work out with a friend, invite them over! I like my “me-time” in my exercise room and will often just bring in a book and use the exercise bike for 30 minutes.

If you have the space, having a home gym is worth it!

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