Sport & Recreation

Everyone knows that exercise is important for health. For whatever reason you do a sport or what kind of sport you perform, with good sports clothing or attributes you can perform your sports activities better and easier. Ideal sportswear is therefore very important. Nowadays you no longer have to physically visit a sports shop to order sportswear and you can start or move on faster with a healthy lifestyle. Below you will find a selection of different webshops that sell sports equipment.


Sportswear is available for every sport. Fitness clothing such as dry-fit t-shirts of short sports pants, long sports pants for running. Football boots or tennis clothing. Gymnastics leotards or swimwear. It is very important with sportswear that it is comfortable, you do not want to be bothered by it during sports. And of course you also want it to look nice. That is why it is very nice that there is a wide range of different sportswear. Below here you can find our selection of best sportswear webshops.

Sport Equipment

Sports equipment are very important, just like sportswear. Sports equipment allow you to practice your sport well. Of course you want high-quality sports equipment so that you can use them for a long time. Think of a good hockey stick or a good leather football or handball. Take a quick look at below for webshops that have the best sport equipment

Sport & Recreation

Sports have been practiced for centuries. Physical development played a major role in Ancient Greece. Many noble men in particular played sports, because sport, in addition to war, could achieve a lot of fame. When civilians were needed for warfare, gyms were established. Ordinary citizens could also exercise here, in order to train for the war. The Greeks are also the founders of the Olympic Games. These games were founded in 776 BC. The Olympic Games still take place every four years. Today there are many different sports. In 2010 the most popular sport in the Netherlands for both men and women was fitness / cardio. In second place was field football for the men, the women preferred group lessons to music, such as Zumba. Exercise has a good effect on health: it can lower blood pressure and has a positive effect on weight.


Fitness is a collective term for activities that ensure that you get in a better general condition. This includes the growth of muscle mass (fitness in the form of ‘bodybuilding’), the improvement of endurance (cardio fitness), flexibility, speed and coordination. In general, fitness is aimed at taxing the body, which increases the resilience. Because fitness activities bring the body back into balance, it tackles most people’s main goals on its own, including losing weight. By building more muscle mass, for example, you will burn more calories at rest, so that the body automatically starts to slim. The cardio activities (such as cycling or running) ensure a direct burning of calories, and -at a higher level- they also ensure an increased resting metabolism.


A gym is a center where everyone can exercise on fitness equipment and with the help of separate attributes you can also exercise. You can get the right tailor-made guidance in a gym. Often you can also do bodybuilding. There are also gyms where rehabilitation can be done with the help of medical training therapy.


Outdoor holidays are one of the new trends among the holidays. Only bring your backpack in which you have as little stuff as possible. With an outdoor holiday you spend a lot of time in nature and try to live with as few facilities as possible. This is certainly a challenge and also belongs to a sport. Look at outdoor web shops for good products and clothing that you can easily move in.