Home & Garden

It may be that after a few years you get tired of your interior in your home. You can then do different things. Living room walls can be provided with a lick of paint in a different color, but it is also the possibility to choose new accessories. Or you take a big approach, for example, replace all your furniture. Going to a furniture store to find the right furniture often takes a lot of time. In this digital age you don’t necessarily have to go in and out of a home store to pick out your furniture, renovation materials or home accessories. Do you want to start quickly and are you curious how long it takes to deliver per webshop? View the overview below so that you can order everything you need from home at your leisure.

Art & Living

Did you know that Art and living go well together? And that the interior is often a whole work of art alone. Art is almost impossible to miss in a home. Everyone has something these days. Consider, for example, a beautiful painting or a photo of beautiful buildings. Below you will find a selection of webshops with Art & Living.

Posters & Paintings

When we talk about posters, we can go on and on about how many different sizes there are, but also about the different designs. For example, you can have a nice poster on the wall of your favorite band or singer. But also beautiful nature posters of animals. Everyone has their own preference for posters and that is why we have selected various web stores with all kinds of differences. Paintings can no longer be missed in our homes. Do you want a beautiful abstract painting above the sofa or a portrait above your bed? You can find it all here!

Who doesn’t have anything on the wall these days? From young to old it is all there. When you are young you might have a nice poster of your favorite band. But not just young people. For example, are you crazy about Elvis? There is everything from young to old. Posters and painting are indispensable in this society. How about a beautiful painting of your grandchildren. Below you will find webshops that have everything.

Furniture & Soft Furnishment

Do you want a new sofa, chair or accessories? But don’t you feel like having to roam the furniture stores and furniture boulevards? Fortunately, you can order everything online from the couch at various online webshops! So choose a night out, grab a delicious wine and order it online!

Household Appliances

Within the household there are many household tasks that must be performed. These tasks are best accomplished with the help of household items or household appliances. Household items are there to make household tasks easier and to optimize. They come in all shapes and sizes, from dusters to a drill and from cleaning agents to pans. All these household items are necessary to run the household properly.


When you say kitchen, many people will say it is the most important room in the house. And that is not surprising. We prepare our food in the kitchen. We make delicious dishes, healthy smoothies or we bake a great cake in our kitchen. A kitchen must therefore also be clean. Below you will find webshops that have everything for your kitchen. You will find completely new kitchens or cleaning products. Also useful devices that you cannot miss. Take a quick look between the selected webshops.

White Goods

Your fridge, freezer and washing machine are, among other things, white goods. It is very important that these continue to work as they are necessary in a household. Imagine your fridge breaking down and spoiling all your food. Not to mention your freezer. Of course you want a new one at home as soon as possible! Check out our website and order a new fridge or freezer from your favorite webshop!


The garden is just as important as your home these days. Are you looking for a nice lounge set for under your canopy? Or beautiful planters for your new plants? Don’t feel like leaving the house? It is no longer necessary because with us you can easily order everything online for your garden. Order on time and you will have it in your garden on time!

Gardening Tools