Eco-Friendly Living Beyond the Home

It is essential for families to recognize the importance of extending their earth friendly efforts outside of the home. Parents need to help children understand that their actions outside of the home are equally important as the eco-friendly actions that they take within the house. Along with recycling and conservation of resources at home, families must consider altering their purchasing habits and learning new ways to contribute to a greener community.

Adopting More Earth Friendly Buying Habits

In addition to recycling items at home, parents can also purchase for home use recycled products whenever possible. Most paper products are now available in post consumer recycled versions. Once again it is easy to involve children; particularly young children like going to the store with parents. When buying recycled products, parents can explain how this act is beneficial to the environment, since it is another way to help cut down on waste.

Another easy way to help reduce environmental waste is by not purchasing bottled water. In most instances, bottled water is not safer for personal consumption. Not only does purchasing bottled water result in a great deal of waste, but the plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate which is a by-product of oil. As a result, it increases our consumption and dependence on petroleum. A more eco-friendly alternative is for family members to utilize reusable water bottles.

Families can also contribute to a greener environment by purchasing products that do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the members of the family as well as to the surrounding environment. There are many environmentally friendly household-cleaning products currently available. Parents can go one step further and make their own cleaning products; this will save them money and it will also contribute to a reduction in packaging waste.

There are numerous other ways to go green through the purchases, which a family makes. When light bulbs need replacing, replace the bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs not only use much less energy but they also last longer. When families purchase toys, they can consider selecting toys that do not require batteries. For those toys or electronics that need batteries, parents should choose rechargeable batteries.

Interact With Nature to Enhance Environmental Consciousness

A great place to begin is in the backyard. Parents can plan a garden with their children; the whole family can then plant and maintain the garden. Planting an organic vegetable garden can save money and reduce the number of harmful chemicals in the environment. Through working on the garden together, families will encounter many environmental lessons as they tend the garden.

Learning more about the outdoor world will help to enhance respect for the environment. One option to learn more about the outdoor world is through nature classes. Frequently the zoo, the science center or the local park will offer classes for children or for the entire family. The classes can serve as a means of educating participants about the natural world and helping to instill a respect for the delicate balance of nature.

Planning family hikes and camping trips is a way not only to spend quality time together, but it is a way to increase everyone’s awareness of the great beauty on the earth. An appreciation of the natural world will help to instill parents and children will a strong commitment to eco-friendly living.

Becoming Earth Friendly Citizens

A positive way to spend time together as a family and to also make a constructive impact is by volunteering in the community. Parents along with their children will discover that most communities have many opportunities to volunteer for environmentally friendly projects in the area. Frequently parks will need volunteers to help maintain gardens and trails. Many neighborhoods maintain community gardens where volunteers help plant and care for the food that is then shared.

Parents should be aware of environmental issues both on the local level and on a more global level. They can share the information with their children; this could be a great topic for the dinner table. They can also set a good example by supporting legislation that protects the environment and by supporting environmental groups.

Working Towards an Environmentally Friendly World

Parents through their actions can encourage their children to adopt environmentally conscientious values. By working as a family towards more eco-friendly living, children will learn the value of working together to accomplish a positive goal. When enough families commit to changes in consumption, conservation, and contributing to the common good, they can have far reaching effects on the environment.

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