Gifts & Flowers

Gifts are always nice to receive or to give. You can give gifts for different occasions. Consider, for example, a birthday or if someone has graduated. You often give a gift to show them that you are proud of them or that you care about them. Flowers are also often given on a birthday or with a graduation ceremony. You can surprise someone in many different ways.


We know many different types of flowers. We therefore really enjoy giving flowers to each other. Flowers are real mood makers. They have beautiful colors and can be placed in the house, in a beautiful matching vase. This in turn creates atmosphere in the house. Flowers are also excellent gifts to give to both men and women. Finally, we also convey feeling with the flowers. You don’t always need a card to show how you feel about a particular person. For example, if a fun event has happened for a person and you give him or her a bunch of flowers, then he knows you are happy for him or her.


Giving gifts strengthens the relationship between people. It is an important part of human interaction and the stimulation of Serotonin, the Happiness Hormone. After all, we all get a nice feeling from a compliment, a gift or a helping hand. We also give gifts as a symbol: a birthday, doping, birth, romance. We hereby mark an important event and express love and appreciation for these important event(s).