Top 10 Home Leg Exercises

Top 10 Home Leg Exercises

This workout is from a certified fitnesstrainer and here are the top 10 leg exercises you can do at home, and the only equipment you need is a sturdy chair or exercise stool — and that’s only for some of them.

Top 10 Home Leg Exercises (no particular order)

Squat jump

Feet shoulder width apart, jump straight up, then land in a squat. This is the basic movement. It can be modified in several ways: 1) height of jump, 2) depth of squat, and 3) speed of repetitions. Do nonstop for 20 to 60 seconds.

Single leg squat
Stand on one foot, other foot in the air behind you. Lower on the support foot as far down as possible, leaning forward as much as needed to counterbalance the other leg that’s behind you.

You won’t be able to reach parallel with the support foot, but that’s not necessary to engage your buttocks, hamstrings and quads in this exercise. Use one hand minimally on the floor to prevent losing balance, but no more than that. Rise back up. Do eight reps each leg.

Single chair squat
Sit on sturdy chair, feet flat on floor. Extend left leg straight out. Stand using only right leg; stand completely straight, left foot off floor. Sit back down, then keep standing up on only the right foot while left foot never touches floor.

Do not lift right foot off floor after you sit. This is cheating. Right foot remains planted in the same spot throughout this leg exercise. Do 8 to 20 reps each leg.

Top 10 Home Leg Exercises

Mountain climber 
Place hands against sturdy table, feet as far away from table as possible, back straight. Run in place with hands still on table, bringing knees as much towards table as possible. Try to go for 30 seconds.

Using a sturdy chair or exercise stool, place right foot on it, then stand up on the chair/stool all the way with a straight leg, then lower, keeping right foot on platform. Repeat this 10 times in a row with the right leg, then do left. Do right again for nine, then left for nine, then eight, and so on all the way to one repetition each leg.

Lunge step
Place right foot on sturdy chair or stool. Quickly switch feet so that left foot is on platform and right foot is on floor. Then switch again. Switch as quickly as possible for 20 to 60 seconds.

Stool jump
Jump up and down on a sturdy platform as quickly as possible for 20 to 30 seconds.

Tuck jump
Jumping as high as possible, bring feet up as high as possible under you. Do 10 to 15 jumps as fast as possible.

Walking lunge
Get into a lunge position and begin lunge walking from point A to point B in a large room. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and lunge walk nonstop. Be sure to include backwards lunge walking for half the exercise time.

Outside crescent kick
Stand with left foot forward, right foot behind, feet about shoulder width (or less) apart. Swing right foot towards left, and up in the air away from it, forming a crescent or arc. Do 10 kicks each leg. Warning: If you’re new to crescent kicks, start slowly with non-strained range of motion.

Without special equipment, these are the 10 best home leg exercises. These home leg exercises can be manipulated via height, depth, speed and duration to meet your fitness goals.

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