Towel Warmers Make Life Easier

Towel Warmers Make Life Easier

Besides keeping towels dry, warmers have many functions and can be used in rooms outside the traditional bath.

For instance, in colder climates, drying racks can be used for damp coats and mittens. Not only do they dry and keep the clothing free of mildew, they also make them warm for the next time you put them on to go out.

Most towel warmers are designed to run all the time. While it may seem inefficient, the operating power usually uses less than a light bulb and is definitely less energy-wasting than running the dryer.

Handy ways to use towel warmers.


The obvious place for a towel warmer, having one or more in a bathroom not only dries towels, the rack will keep dampness and mildew under control. They are especially useful in a poorly ventilated room. In high humidity seasons, the warmers will keep towels from smelling musty and also help keep mold and mildew growth under control.

Mudrooms, Garages and Entries

Drying off wet, winter clothes, coats, mittens keeps them fresh and also nice and warm before heading out.

Laundry Rooms

Hand washables and delicate laundry items can be safely dried on a towel warmer. In fact, the racks are ideal for drying underwear and sweaters.

Towel Warmers Make Life Easier

Pools and Spas

If you own a pool, hot tub or enjoy water sports and are using extra towels and bathing suits, towel warmers are wonderful for drying off and freshening. The warmers save on laundry and also time. Many people install warmers near their pool and spa.

Warming for comfort

Using a towel warmer gives clothing and towels a comfortable, gently heated feel. Be aware that things warmed on a heated drying rack won’t have a “hot out of the dryer” feel, but rather a gentle, comforting heat. This makes the units ideal for warming baby blankets and bedding.

In addition to drying and comfort, towel warmers actually help the environment. If you are concerned about “going green” and using less energy, warmers on average use less electricity. According to Warmrails, a company that specializes in towel warmers, their warmers use only about 10% of the wattage of a clothes dryer. Not only does the drying rack keep laundry usage down, using one can actually save money in energy usage cost.

Most people will purchase their first towel warmer for design style or comfort in their home. The units give a bathroom and upscale and modern look, whether they are wall mounted or free standing on a floor. However, after using one, lots of homeowners install more because of the many benefits and functions of towel warmers. 

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