How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

Fresh Produce.. Mmmm

Spending a few hours on a tropical island is a fun-filled adventure, but decorating a kitchen island can also be an enjoyable exploration. Whether your kitchen island is small or extraordinary in size doesn’t really matter because these simple suggestions will work either way. A kitchen island is primarily a functional design element that allows you to maximize the surface area of your kitchen for food preparation, cooking, and eating. However, just because a kitchen island is a functional home furnishing doesn’t mean that it can also be decorative. Decorating a kitchen island can be an enjoyable home improvement project.

Display Fresh Produce on Your Kitchen Island

Kitchens are meant to be a busy livable interior space, so use your kitchen island to display fresh produce. A translucent bowl of fresh lemons, a colander filled with fresh greens, or a basket of newly picked apples will bring a sense of warmth and personality to your kitchen island design.

Organize a Small Metallic Jar of Utensils

Since kitchens are so functional, why not use cooking utensils as a decorative kitchen accent. You can add a designer element to a kitchen island by placing a stainless steel jar, or a brushed metal container on your island and filling it with useful utensils. Stainless steel utensils are usually the most attractive. Clutter is a hindrance in kitchen island décor, so make sure all of your utensils fit nicely in this one container. You can always store the rest of the utensils in a drawer.

How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

Show Off Freshly Picked Flowers

Freshly picked flowers are beautiful and fragrant, so use these as the perfect decorative element on a kitchen island. A colorful vase or planter will also add a designer touch to the floral design. Since fresh flowers tend to wilt after a few days, make sure to prune them daily so they stay fresh and attractive.

Dare to Experiment with Decorative Tableware

Colorful dishes on a dish rack or just stacked to one side of a kitchen island are an eye-catching way to draw attention to the center of your kitchen. A kitchen island is the perfect place to display a pretty selection of your favorite dishes or tableware accent pieces. Be bold and daring and experiment with flavorful colors and patterns.

Decorating a kitchen island is a valuable and worthwhile home improvement project because a kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen itself. Home interior design might not be as glamorous as a tropical vacation, but a kitchen island is a great place to start.

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