Top 5 Plastic Furniture Pieces for Your Backyard

Top 5 Plastic Furniture Pieces for Your Backyard

A Full Review of the Best Plastic Furniture Available for Your Backyard!

Before you know it, the snow will melt away, and you will once again want to show off your backyard. Not only is the grass very important, but the furniture is very important as well. Plastic furniture adds design and comfort to any backyard. I’ll compare the best plastic furniture, and let you know exactly which ones to buy this spring. I personally feel that plastic furniture is best for the backyard since it possesses the perfect combination of comfort and durability.


Polywood Traditional Patio Glider

This is one of my favorite products from the Glider Store. This Patio Glider is made of Polywood, which is a polymer of plastics and a wood core. The sole purpose of the Polywood technology was to create a product that had the strength of wood, but with the benefits of plastic. It is very resistant to the extremes and is the perfect addition to any backyard. It has a traditional look to it, so you know that it’ll stay in style for years to come. The only true knock I have on this product is that it isn’t designed for more than two people – at max. It’s a little small, but I recommend this for anyone with a smaller backyard. The price of this product was originally around $670, but it has fallen below $450 during the winter season. Once again, this is the perfect addition to a smaller garden/backyard. The level of difficulty for assembly is very low. You need to be able to use a screw driver, and you are basically set!

Grade: 85/100


Cape Cod Plastic Adirondack Chair

The Cape Cod Adirondack chair is one of the most comfortable chairs you can buy – and it’s made entirely out of plastic! Whether you’re basking in the sun, or chatting with a bunch of friends, this is one of my favorite chairs to use. I have owned one for about the past two years, and there isn’t a single scratch on it. I leave it out in basically any weather condition (which in Chicago is a scary thought) and it is durable to withstand the worst Mother Nature throws at it. It is big enough for most people to sit in, and cozy enough to for the smallest people to feel comfortable in. My biggest knock on this product is the price tag. It is currently marked at $289, but I truly feel that this product is well worth its hefty price tag. The assembly needed for this product is very limited. A couple screws here, a couple screws there, and you’ll be ready to use this comfortable piece of furniture!

Grade: 92/100


KitchenSource Round Table with Stools

This is one of my favorite patio furniture combinations. I like this product since it is very inexpensive, and adds to the beauty of any backyard. The individual round table goes for about $140 with a pair of matching stools for $114, but they offer a combination of the round table, along with 4 stools, for only $260! It comes in 4 different colors (Redwood, Gray, Taupe, and Black) and would be perfect for accenting any garden. I think that the biggest knock I have on this is that the round table can be quite small for 4 individuals to use. It’s not a poker table albeit, and would make for a perfect addition to any smaller backyard. The assembly wasn’t too bad, as it come with great instructions. As the design of this product goes, I really like how the stools and the round table match, and look great in my backyard.

Grade: 87/100


KitchenSource Double Wide Patio Bar

I feel like this is the best addition for any house party. It is a double wide plastic bar table with 4 stools, which makes it ideal for a few buddies to get together and chat with a few beers. The bar is very durable and looks great along with the stools. It comes in 4 different colors (Redwood, Gray, Taupe, and Black) so you buy it to match the other furniture in your backyard. I was quite concerned about the durability of the stools before I purchased this, but it seems like it should be able to withstand the Chicago weather I encounter. The biggest knock I have on this Patio Bar set was the price. It costs $339 for the Double Wide Patio Bar with 4 barstools, but I think that in the long-run, it should be well worth the money. You should look into purchasing this during the winter, as it should cost a lot cheaper. There was very little maintenance required, and the assembly was very easy. I would look into this if you are someone who throws backyard parties, or just like to hang out with a few friends and have a drink in the backyard.

Grade: 83/100


Polywood Adirondack Rocker and 36 inch Conversation Table Set

I think that this is the perfect plastic furniture set for a peaceful time in the backyard. The rocker is very durable, and is probably the most comfortable rocker you can find that isn’t made of leather. When I tried sitting in it, it seemed to fit the contour of the body perfectly. This means that you won’t have back aches after sitting in it for too long. It’s made of polywood resin, so it should withstand the harshest conditions. It has maintained its durability during the Chicago winter, so I think it can handle the worst spring has to offer. It also comes with a 36 inch Conversation Table set, which is basically your average, everyday table. Nothing special about the table, but it is quite durable. The biggest knock I have on this is the price tag. It is marked at $814, so it’ll cost a pretty penny to buy, but I feel like it is a great addition to any backyard. The beauty of this set is that it’s durable, so you won’t have to go out and purchase another one for quite some time. The assembly was fairly easy, and the instructions were easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have a problem with this. I recommend this polywood set for anyone who enjoys sitting in the garden or enjoys reading outside.

Grade: 89/100

I have reviewed 5 of what I believe to be the most cost-effective and practical plastic furniture pieces you can buy. Not all the pieces will fit your style, but you should definitely find one of these to match your taste. I think that the biggest factor is the size of your backyard/garden and how much you are willing to spend on the furniture. This should give you a better understanding of the options you have available.

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