Odd and Interesting Smelling Perfumes

Odd and Interesting Smelling Perfumes

Selecting a great smelling, or even mediocre, perfume is easy, but running across a complete disaster of a fragrance is ultra-rare. Every person has their own opinion of what smells good, or not so good. Reviews of the best and worst fragrances can be found all over the web. Some perfumes are out of the norm when it comes to scents, and may have passerby’s questioning that horrid stench. The following perfumes are some the most odd-smelling, gag-inducing fragrances currently on the market.

Smell Like… Earthworms

Demeter Fragrance has a wide range of odd and interesting perfumes. Among these, is Earthworm. The fragrance of the perfume is not of the earthworm itself, but of its environment. Now you can enjoy smelling like “moist soil, on the floor of a forest covered with decomposing leaves.”

Odd and Interesting Smelling Perfumes

Smell Like… Mildew

Simple, subtle, and an everyday spray – mildew. This fragrance has a great story behind it. Demeter Fragrance dedicated this aroma to a women caller from New Jersey. She said she enjoyed the smell that the air conditioner makes when you first turn it on in the early summer. The company created the fragrance in her honor.


Smell Like… Meat

While the Whopper may be Burger King’s best sandwich, Flame by BK is not among the top rankings for best fragrance. Flame by BK captures “the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” While smelling like meat may not be for everyone, the perfume was popular enough to sell out rather quickly.

Smell Like… Play-Doh

Recall past childhood memories with the fresh scent of Play-Doh, in a convenient spray. Hasbro created the new scent that is meant for “highly-creative people.” Play-Doh Cologne Spray spells like the real thing. Hasbro has also created other out-of-the-norm scents, such as the Junior Mints Cologne Spray.

Smell Like… Va-Jay-Jay

Vulva Original has unleashed an “organic” aroma for men to enjoy. Vulva Original Vaginal Scent is supposed to smell just like… well a woman. Just a small drop on the back of your hand, and you can pretend you’re with your girlfriend all day long.

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