Garlic’s Effect on Our Health

Garlic's Effect on Our Health

The experts of tonic medical herbal and indigenous medical practitioners have used garlic to treat many kinds of diseases since thousands years ago, and recently, the intensive researches of garlic have been done for several years in more than 500 documents which have been exposed in some medical journals since the middle of 1980.

Most subjects of the researches are the mixture of sulfur which are formed when allicin gets into several kinds of chemical reaction. Allicin is not contained in fresh garlic but will be formed when the cells are disorganized because of cooking, chopping, or masticating process..

Ajoene, allyl sulfide, S-allyl cystein (SAC) and other allicin products are related with anti-cancer, anti-obstruction, anti-fungi, anti-hypertension, antioxidant and can reduce the risk of getting cholesterol. Some of garlic supplements which are widely used because of the accilin, are not totally accurate, because allicin is unstable substance and can’t be use as exact model to show how the reaction will be in our body.

More than 80 percent of products which have been experimented released less than 15 percent of accilin’s potential that had been claimed could be totally reached. It proved that the products couldn’t produce therapeutic allicin’s doses (which contained medication value). When researchers analyzed the result of garlic researches, they found many disappointed results, the ability of garlic which was said could reduce cholesterol were minimum, and the effect for blood pressure were not significant.

Garlic's Effect on Our Health

However, some companies keep promoting garlic supplements according to earlier researches.

Although it can’t reduce cholesterol, but garlic still has an influence to the heart disease. “Ajoene” is one of accilin’s product that mess, it can reduce the risk of heart attack by preventing blood vessel obstruction. This condition is more promising for cancer, maybe because some researches were held by using uncooked or cooked garlic rather than supplements.

An analysis showed that consuming about 6 garlic or more in a week can reduce the risk of cancer and cholesterol up to 30 percents and 50 percents for stomach cancer if compared to consuming less than one in a week. Moreover, the risk of prostate cancer can also be reduced by garlic. A research by National Cancer Institute for men in Shanghai showed that consuming a garlic everyday could reduce the risk for up to 50 percent.

However, there was an objection on this research. So far, there was still no consensus that showed how many garlic should be consumed to have the anti-cancer effect, and there was no agreement whether dried-garlic or cooked-garlic had the same benefit with the uncooked garlic.But, the exact point in having the whole garlic’s nutrition, garlic has to be ground and left 10 minutes before it gets cooked. This will activate the allicin and it’s strong derivative substances.

Until now, there is still no guarantee that garlic has medical or health influences, the most convincing one is the influence for respiration. Consuming leeks can reduce bad breath which maybe caused by it’s chlorophyll. Garlic can cause interference in digestion process, especially if it is consumed in raw/uncooked condition. Having problem with garlic may affect skin and mucus membrane. Garlic (uncooked or supplement) can increase the influence of serous blood medication.

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