Traditional Versus Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Traditional Versus Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Are these cleaners much better than the traditional cleaners containing chemicals? What ever happened to cleaning with simple household supplies? Does this still work?

From the article titled, “Some Skip Commercial Cleaners for Those Made from Pantry” by Jim Stem, there are about 80,000 children who are taken to the emergency room in the USA each year as a result of accidental poisoning by household cleaners. According to this article, some household cleaners that seem perfectly safe can still be hazardous as they contain volatile organic compounds that can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, and other reactions.


Cleaning with Simple Ingredients

Some simple, safe, and very inexpensive cleaning supplies can include baking soda, vinegar, club soda and hydrogen peroxide. All of these supplies are natural, non-toxic and can be used with ease around small children and pets. They can be purchased almost anywhere and cost little to stock. These cleaning supplies do not need any special equipment to use or dispense other than some rags or towels.


Traditional Cleaning Approaches

Traditional cleaning may involve using products such as glass and bathroom cleaners, bleach, and ammonia. These products are much riskier and have to be measured and used with wise discretion. Using large quantities of some of these products may be harmful because of the powerful fumes the products give off. When cleaning with these types of products, be mindful to use them separately and never mix them.

Traditional Versus Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Cleaning with Organic, Eco-friendly, and Natural Cleaners

It is best to check out the list of ingredients in the cleaners that are considered eco-friendly or organic. Some of them may be marketed to a certain audience, but do not necessarily adhere to strict guidelines or standards when it comes to disclosing the actual ingredients in the products. The products that list the ingredients can be more helpful for people who want to know what is in the product, as it may be used around a small child, animal, or for someone with severe allergies or sensitive skin.

Choosing products that work and that are also safe is important when cleaning areas that have much contact. Consider how cleaners have changed and take note of new products that may be safer or milder to people and the environment. When in doubt about products, go for the items that are already in the house and have multiple uses, which include but are not limited to cleaning.

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