Eco-Friendly Bags Online

Eco-Friendly Bags Online

Where to Find Handbags, Totes, and Backpacks Made of Green Materials

Today’s green craze means that there are more and more options for the discerning eco-friendly shopper to choose from. A great place to start building a green and more sustainable wardrobe is with accessories like tote bags, purses or handbags, and backpacks. Made from natural fibers or in a process that has a low environmental impact, these items are stylish, sturdy, and relatively guilt-free. Here are some places to begin the search for the perfect eco-friendly bag.

Recycled Waders

Even if fishing isn’t a favorite hobby, it doesn’t mean that a shopper can’t take advantage of the spacious and functional bags from this company. The Messenger Creel, constructed from repurposed and recycled fishing waders, is large enough to carry textbooks, a sweatshirt, and loads of extra fishing tackle. Bags in other shapes and sizes are available as well. 


This website allows independent designers to interface with online shoppers. Take some time to click through the “bag” section of the site; there are a lot of organic and eco-friendly styles in various shapes and sizes. Some designers to check out: Zaum, Pansy Maiden, and Mingus Designs. All offer stylish designs made from natural materials.

Eco-Friendly Bags Online

Hemp Sisters

Hemp Sisters, a favorite website among eco-conscious shoppers, has a large selection of funky and fashionable bags. From diaper bags to handbags, Hemp Sisters’ designs are constructed from sturdy and naturally renewable hemp fibers. There are also a number of regular backpack, sling backpack, and laptop bag styles available. 


Available at the company’s website and also on sites like Amazon and The Find, Sherpani designs are versatile and low-impact. Sherpani works to use non-toxic dyes, natural fibers, and recycled materials in many of their product lines. For the most eco-friendly products, browse the Naturals Collection: the items in this line are made from natural fibers like cotton. The Sport and Life Collection utilize recycled polyester and other materials. Sherpani offers an excellent selection of bigger duffel bags that are ideal for trips to the gym or as carry-on luggage.

Eco Fashionista

This website’s easy-to-follow key denotes items that are organic, locally-sourced, all-natural, and more. Search their accessories section to find eco-friendly clutches and purses. Eco Fashionista is an Australian company, but will ship internationally. 

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