Skinny Jeans Rock Menswear for 2020

Skinny Jeans Rock Menswear for 2020

Cheap Monday Show Leggings and Distressed Tight Jeans

The Cheap Monday Spring Summer 2020 fashion shows this year were full of tight, super skinny denim. A lot of the denim was distressed and even ripped. One pair of jeans was bleached in the classic British skinhead style. Cheap Monday also showed leggings but these were in rough, distressed prints and gave the impression of tough clothes arranged in layers.


Cheap Monday Denim

The Cheap Monday catwalk styling was interested in male androgyny putting the males not only in tight blue and black denim but wearing these with long, very long t-shirts and vests. This gave the look a strong feminine look, the vests beginning to look like tight jersey dresses.

The Cheap Monday runway also showed frayed cut-off and cut-down shorts with leggings. This was a succesfuly way of getting men into leggings while keeping them in their trousers. It is also a look with a long male and macho heritage as cycle couriers and alt and dark metal bands have often worn baggy army shorts with black leggings and cycle pants. Although the Cheap Monday cut-off shorts were not particularly baggy or obviously low-waisted. They had a regular jeans cut.

The denim cutoffs and frayed shirts also recalled Nirvana and grunge fashions while the apparently distressed leggings suggested Bodymap and i-D mag London 80s fashion.


Skinny Jeans Rock Menswear for 2020

Cheap Monday Boots

Cheap Monday also showed jeans tucked into boots. The silhouette used heavy, tough looking boots and slender, narrow legs.

Earlier last year fashion writers were talking about male leggings or meggings. The Belgian designer Martin Margiela produced a pair of tight black sequined leggings for men. However it is interesting that Cheap Monday have toughened up their leggings by wearing them with tough, chunky boots and also hidden the pelvis area with the long vest and t-shirt.


Cheap Monday Skinny Rockstar Jeans

What is clear is that Cheap Monday are not planning to depart from the skinny tight jeans and look that have long been associated with the label. Cheap Monday quickly rose to prominence as a label providing the skinny rockstar look of bands like The Strokes but at a fraction of the price of the high fashion labels. Cheap Monday was also competitively priced compared to most reputable jeans and denim labels.


The Drums Fashion Style

It remains an open question if men are to start wearing leggings in 2020. The new bands are not, as yet, leading the way. New York rock band The Drums prefer tight black jeans and trousers. And the similary highly touted Manchester new band Hurts prefer sharp suits, waistcoats and crisp white shirts.


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