Magic and Figure Through Lingerie

The Evolution of Lingerie

The Evolution of Lingerie

Modernism and sophistication in lingerie designs come together to highlight woman’s sensuality. These garments whose main mission is to emphasize the magic and beauty of women have constantly evolved throughout time and have adapted to fulfill all the needs that women desire.

Never before in history has the silhouette of a woman had the same importance and so much focus in this industry. The fabrics and designs that have surfaced have turned suggestive and overflow with feminine charm.

Sinuous lines and inviting shapes have given a way to cutting edge concepts, full of audacity and defiance. And this is what some of the most popular lingerie brands offer in their new collections and lines.

The textures on many of these brands like Victoria Secret include soft embroidered lace, but without abusing them, as well as transparencies that are sensual and delicate. But in regard to the silhouettes, they are rather basic and comfortable making the perfect combination of design and comfort blended perfectly together.
The color palettes in modern collections that are related to summer are lemon yellow, coral and orange. Others are more conservative tones, such as ocher and coffee for autumn. But to give a gloss of sophistication there’s always gold. The traditional colors are not left behind as the black and white come together once again and don’t seem to be losing momentum in the industry.

Magic and Figure through Lingerie

Some of the most popular materials manufacturers have been using in their lines is the micro fiber, but also material like the matte lycra, cotton lycra and nylon are being consistently used to create this pieces.

Femininity is a major reason why lingerie retains its preferred place in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only it gives women a self esteem boost, but it also brings out the sensual side in every woman.

Lingerie has come a long way, and the materials added to the most recent designs show how something that’s meant to be for the same parts of the body can evolve on a regular basis bringing more comfort and expression to women all over the world.

The question is; what will it be next in lingerie? It seems like even technology and lingerie go together hand and hand because its constant evolution is in big part attributed to new technological advances. All that can be said for now is that what the future will bring in this industry will be exciting and appealing both to women that wear it and to men and fans that admire seeing a well made design that accentuates the beauty that women already possess naturally.

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