Fall 2020 Fashion Trends Adapted for Children

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends Adapted for Children

Young girls can be just as stylish as adults, but it takes adapting current styles to fit their ages and bodies.

Fall fashion 2020 has some very distinct, specific trends. One of the most striking things about this year’s runway fashion is how “grownup” the looks are. What does this mean for kids who want to follow the latest styles? Fear not, there are plenty of ways for children to tap into the current trends. A little tweaking is all it takes.

Floral Trend

This is probably the easiest trend for young girls to copy, since so many items of children’s clothing use a flower motif. Floral dresses, shirts and skirts are all standard fare, and a floral cardigan can be dressed up or down by pairing it with a dress or a pair of jeans. For a less frilly vibe, wear a plainer outfit with a flower accessory, such as a faux flower pin or a printed scarf or hair band.

If money’s tight, don’t be afraid to bring out spring’s dresses for fall. Worn with tights and a sweater or a vest (another fall trend), last season’s dresses can look new again.

Maxi Dresses

This seems to be a trend that fashion insiders keep trying to revive, and it may have finally taken hold. Stores and catalogs are showing numerous maxi dresses, some in plain colors, others in dramatic prints and patterns. Maxi dresses may be a little much for young girls, though. A way to ease into the look is to try a long skirt instead, paired with a shirt or blouse. If the skirt has a pattern, try a plain shirt, and vice versa. It’s also a bit easier to wear to school and for play.

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends Adapted for Children


A woman wearing head-to-toe black is chic. A child wearing head-to-toe black is a little, well, moody. However, kids can still embrace the minimalist look in neutral colors ranging from beiges and tans to navys and charcoal grays. This look is very sophisticated and really shows off a child’s face, instead of flashy clothing. Who says children’s clothing has to be in primary colors?


Many designers have shown black lace in their fall clothing lines. For girls, steer clear from the black and look for laces in other colors, especially as edges to skirts, dresses and sweaters. Lace tops can also be worn if they have a full tank top or shirt underneath.


The plaid schoolgirl mini skirt can have connotations that a young girl isn’t quite ready for. Despite her love of Gossip Girl, steer her away from the plaid skirts and try a plaid jacket instead, or – as they’ve been showing in numerous fashion magazines of late – a pair of plaid tights.


The 1970s-inspired fringe is a questionable trend, but little kids can look cute in it. Find a fringed jacket that goes over any outfit. Also on the jacket front, children look adorable in leather jackets.

Children don’t have to sacrifice trendiness when there are numerous ways for them to be fashionable yet age-appropriate. We at Webshop Directory have selected the best webshops for Kids fashion that you can view below to give your child the best looks for this fall.

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