Must Have Electronics and Gadgets for College

Must Have Electronics and Gadgets for College

College kids nowadays are very lucky. They have computers and cell phones, they have the internet and they have other gadgets that can help them survive college life. Everyone who has entered the halls of a university knows that college life can be hard. Classes can be tough. Extra-curricular activities can be exhausting. Even social life can be a challenge.

College kids need all the help they can get if they want to come out of college in one piece. Gadgets were invented to make the lives of people easier. The affordability of gadgets nowadays make them accessible to even college kids, depending on allowances or part-time jobs. To make college life easier, here are a few of the core, must-have electronics and gadgets for college students.

Smart phone

Sure, an ordinary cell phone will do. But with the availability of smart phones, there really is no reason to settle for an ordinary mobile phone that can only make calls and send text messages. A smart phone can help a college student become more organized. College kids usually have a lot on their plates. There are study group meetings to attend, deadlines to meet and social gatherings to go to. With a smart phone, they can easily plan their whole semester.


Most smart phones can also connect quickly to the Internet. This feature will come in handy when they need to research on a certain topic quickly. And of course, a smart phone can help students stay connected with their friends, classmates and family back home.

Electronics Accessories for College

A netbook or laptop

Paper and pencils are so old-school. When people say notebooks nowadays, they usually are referring to a laptop or netbook and not pieces of paper bound together by a spring. You don’t need a top of the line laptop for college. This is why a netbook will do.

College kids have infinite uses for a laptop. Of course, they need it to take notes while in class. It can also be an indispensable research and writing tool. With the number of papers that college kids need to accomplish, it would be hard for a college student to survive without his own laptop. It is a good thing that there are many affordable laptops in the market today. Some are even available in installment basis making them more accessible to students.

Flash drives and portable hard drives

College students always need to share stuff with their classmates and friends. The era of passing notes and borrowing paper notebooks are over. Nowadays, people share information either through email or social networking, or physically through the use of portable hard drives and flash drives. These gadgets are very cheap. If a netbook has limited storage, then it is advisable to get a portable hard drive where files such as assignments, reports and even music and photos can be stored.

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